The new brochure on the opk Spaceship kit systems makes the right decision easy.

The opk Spaceship sliding door system impresses with its variability. Whether in front of the wall, in the wall or under the ceiling - opk Spaceship always impresses with its outstanding features.


The Spaceship kits are particularly popular with carpenters. They contain all the items needed for assembly. This eliminates the tedious assembly of running track and matching hardware and accessories.


In the new kit brochure, OPK provides clear information on the individual installation variants and the accessories included in the kit. More importantly, it is easy to determine the correct order number for the required kit by entering just a few details - such as the length of the running track or whether it is a wooden or glass door. Finding the right kit is easy.


Each kit is packed so that it is ready for immediate shipment. The compact dimensions also allow a cost- and space-saving storage.